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Clinician’s Corner: Dandruff

DANDRUFF Cause: We are familiar with the appearance of dandruff, which the scalp shows fine, white, diffuse scaliness. The rate of turnover of the skin cells is about twice the normal rate in patients affected with dandruff. Malassezia (formerly called Pityrosporum) is a “oil dependent” fungus (yeast) that lives...

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Clinician’s Corner: Treatment of Sunburn

Your Thompson Pharmacist is busy this time of the year recommending sunscreens. Sometimes however, the sunscreen is “forgotten” or not applied frequently enough, and patients come to seek our expert advice about treatment of sunburn. Most sunburn is self-treatable. Most are usually first or second degree burns. First degree...

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Clinician’s Corner: Sunburn Prevention

Last week we discussed the mechanics of sunscreens and product selection.  Here are some tips about sunscreens before you head to the beach, Altoona Curve or to any other outdoor activities! UVA Light:  is continuous throughout the day and may exceed the intensity of UVB by up to 1000...

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