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Clinician’s Corner: Scabies

Now that you are done scratching your head after the past three weeks, it is time to get the rest of you scratching! Caused by the mite: Sarcoptes scabei . Mostly affects the folds of the skin behind the knee and others, bellybutton and scrotum. Spread by direct, prolonged,...

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Clinician’s Corner: Head Lice Basics

With school around the corner, one of the biggest concerns parents have is if their child brings home some unwanted friends, those being of the six-legged variety… head lice!  This week we will cover the basics of head lice and next week we can cover the pharmacological treatment. Life...

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Clinician’s Corner: Pancreatic Enzymes

Your six-inch pancreas is quite a busy organ, producing close to 2 quarts of pancreatic juices that aid in digestion.  As discussed last week when the pancreas fails to produce adequate enzymes we see several symptoms of inappropriate digestion such as diarrhea, gas, unexplained weight loss and steatorrhea. SOURCE:...

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