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Clinician’s Corner: Antihistamines

Last week we discussed the abundance of ragweed and its associated effects right here in Central Pennsylvania.  This week we will discuss the use of antihistamines, of the first generation. MECHANISM: ANTI-histamines block the action of histamine on tissues containing histamine receptors.  Some also block histamine release, but only...

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Clinician’s Corner: Ragweed Allergy

Achoooo.. That most familiar sound we hear this time of the year as the ravages of ragweed in the fields affects our patients.  A retired allergist once told me that Central Pennsylvania was the best place on earth to practice!  We have the deciduous and evergreen tree pollens in...

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Clinician’s Corner: GLUCAGON: THE BASICS

Simply put, glucagon raises blood sugars. Glucagon increases glucose by mobilizing conversion of sugar (glycogen) stored in the liver. Glucagon is administered for the treatment of severe hypoglycemia, especially for patients unable to swallow. Up until 2019, glucagon could only be administered as an injection that needed reconstituted.  This...

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